Summer Wedding Season 2015

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Washington Summer WeddingThis wedding season has been crazy!  But a good crazy.  I’ve met a lot of amazing people, photographed a lot of beautiful and fun weddings and learned so much.  Crazy is also busy!  I think I was able to count 3 weekends off since June.  And of course, even with those weekends off, that time had to be spent editing.

Speaking of learning.  I decided to really dive in and pick up the learning pace this year.  I have taken SO many classes, watched webinars, read books, participated in photography groups and the list goes on!  It’s amazing how much you can learn in a given day and yet how much more you can learn the very next day and yet again, how much you still have to learn.  It’s amazing.  It’s a ton of fun.  I love photography and I always try to show that with my images and with my cliePortland Summer Wedding 2nts.

Now as the weather in the Pacific Northwest starts to change, weddings start to get farther apart.  It’s time to add more to my list of learning as well as move into some fall family sessions as well as take care of all of my to-dos that I’ve put off for months. 🙂


Two other bonuses to moving inPortland Summer Weddingto a calmer photography time.  One is that I get to work on the business.  I get to come up with more blog ideas.  I get to work on marketing and getting my brand out there.  Because, let’s face it, photographers or people that want to be photographers are on every corner, so I have to stand out (more talk about that in a future blog!).  But the best reason to move into a less busy season, is I get to spend more time with my family!  I am excited to have a couple weekends available to be able to just hang out all day with them and color or play video games, or kick back and watch a movie with everyone.  We all need that time.  Kicking back and relaxing is hard.  There are always things we “should” be doing.  But I’m excited for that time.

All before jumping back into high gear soon!

Washington Summer Wedding 2

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